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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I finance my project when I can pay cash or use a credit card?

Financing a project with GreenSky allows you to conserve both your money and your equity, and typically offers a lower interest rate than a credit card.  GreenSky has many promotional offerings with same as cash benefits, but without you having to pay out of pocket all at once.

Q: What type of credit does GreenSky offer?

We offer unsecured loans with fixed interest rates.  Unlike a revolving credit card your monthly payment amount is always the same.  You can also pay off your loan at any time without any penalties.

Q: Where can I use my loan?

Use your GreenSky Account Number to pay for services and products offered by the Dealer with whom you apply.

Q: How do I make a payment?

It’s simple- pay online or by phone, or schedule automatic payments to be drafted from your bank account.  The choice is yours.  And there is never a penalty for paying off your loan early.  Apply today at or call 866-936-0602

Q: How do I pay my contractor?

Once approved you will be issued a 16-digit account number and expiration date.  When you want to pay, just provide these numbers to your contractor to process the purchase as if it were a credit card.

Q: How long do I have to use my loan?

Once approved, you have four months to make your purchases.

Q: When is my first payment due?

Depends on your plan. No interest, no payment plans don’t require a payment until the end of the promotion period. The first payment on a fixed rate plan is typically due approximately 30 days after the first purchase.

Q: When does the No Interest, No Payment plan promotion window begin?

At the time of your first transaction.

Q: What if I am not approved for financing from GreenSky?credit app

Whereas most applicants are approved for financing through GreenSky, because all financing situations are unique, some applications for credit may be declined. If this happens to you, don't panic. Augusta Air Associates has many lenders standing by to try and assist you in obtaining financing for your HVAC purchase. Sometimes referred to as "second or third tier financing", our lending partners specialize in unique financial situations and can be very creative in helping you with financing your new HVAC system. Augusta Air Associates does not offer "in-house" financing and plays no role in credit decisions made by our lending partners. Financing is available with approved credit only.



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